Reverend Samson Ayokunle, the president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has said that the ”hatred” the Fulani herdsmen suffer now from Nigerians began when some elements in their group became violent and started killing people.


Ayokunle said this when he spoke at a press conference organised by the Christian body in Abuja on Thursday July 18th. According to Ayokunle, prior to this present times, herdsmen lived peacefully in members of other communities they took their cattle to graze in and even went as far as marrying in some of these communities. He noted that people began to see them in a different light when they started killing ”innocent” people. The clergyman stated that the only way herdsmen can regain the trust Nigerians had for them is to call themselves to order and stop being violent and killing people.


“If there was any enemy for any Fulani man, the Fulani man created the enemy for himself. They have been living peacefully for many years in our various communities, till the killing issues started. In those days, our children married them, they married our children, but when they became too violent and started carrying AK-47, killing people, what type of play is that? That’s a dangerous play.

We can no longer think we are friends with that type of play. It’s too dangerous. So let them call their people to order and ensure that they remove the enmity they have created around an average Fulani person.” he said