policeA suspected internet fraudster, who goes by the name “Adeyemi Sandra”, allegedly presented herself as a senior Customs officer of the rank of Assistant Controller General of Customs (ACG), as her profile picture.

She reportedly sent a friend request to a female police officer, who probably felt elated that a senior Customs personnel wished they could be friends and, without wasting much time, accepted the request.

The Sergeant identified as Josephine Makinde never knew it was a bait that was aimed at something inimical to her status.

“After accepting the friend request at about 5:00pm on Tuesday, November 27, 2018, the next thing that happened was that the fraudster went into my Facebook account, uploaded six of my pictures and used the one I was with one of my children as the profile picture, using the same Adeyemi Sandra.

“The fraudster, thereafter, sent a friend request to one of my colleagues, Temitayo Adenekan, also a woman police. Temitayo saw it and was taken aback. She had to call me to enquire if I had changed my name. That was how I got to know that something was amiss.

“I quickly went back to Facebook, saw the evil machination of the supposed senior woman Customs officer, and cancelled the friend request, before reporting her to Facebook. I am sure that, it was through sheer providence that my colleague saw it. God knows what atrocities she would have committed by using my picture as her profile picture”, Woman Sergeant Makinde stated.

Pix 1- Woman Sergeant Makinde

Pix 2- Fake Customs officer Adeyemi Sandra